Siberian Nature
Energy for your health!
Natural restorative drink based on a unique synergy of components with a stable positive effect on the immune system and wellness.*

The benefits of the unique Biodon complex

Removal of toxins and heavy metals
The administration of Biodon Aqua is effective in removal of heavy metals, toxins and pesticides, reduces free radicals, improves fat metabolism. Biodon Aqua protects the liver from viral destruction and destruction by toxic substances, including alcohol, prevents cirrhosis and increases the effectiveness of medication.
Immune system boosting, protection
from bacteria and viruses
Biodon Aqua is recommended as a restorative and preventive remedy that has a positive effect on the health. It mobilizes the immune system, exhibits powerful antiviral, immune-stimulating properties, facilitates minimization of negative effects related to infections and viral diseases.
Provides important amino acids
The active substances of Biodon Aqua can contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Biodon Aqua reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack, it can facilitate the reduction of the ischemic myocardial scar zone, good for coronary heart disease (CHD), improve the contractile function of the heart, reduces the number of rhythm disturbances. Biodon Aqua contributes to the improvement of coronary circulation and prevents intravascular thrombosis, normalize the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Biodon Aqua complex is based on active substances known all over the world

The powerful effect of the product is brought about by the natural combination and synergy of the substances known all over the world, which we extract from Siberian larch, as well as the unique technology of product enrichment.
1. Dihydroquercetin
This is a unique substance of the flavonoid group. The strength of its action significantly surpasses other antioxidants. The main properties of DHC are the cell membranes effect level, protection of DNA from metabolic products, activation of the human immune system and mobilization of the natural human nocifensors.
2. Larch Arabinogalactan
Larch Arabinogalactan is a source of fiber and soluble dietary fiber and has a hygroscopic effect. It has been proven that LAG of Siberian larch can serve as a carrier of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, as well as enzymes, nucleic acids, vitamins or hormones to certain cells, in particular, to liver parenchymal cells.
3. Oleoresin
Oleoresin, or turpentine, is a resinous aromatic substance secreted by coniferous trees due to metabolism and when the integrity of the bark is violated. When solidified, this substance protects the damaged area from pathogens and other pests entering it due to the content of antibacterial and antifungal substances.
4. Ascorbic acid
Vitamin C is a key element of many processes occurring in the body. First of all, vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, which makes up the skin and connective tissues. It protects the heart and blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid levels. In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant. Human body does not synthesize vitamin C, therefore we must get it with food.
Unique technology
The fundamental difference of the technology we use is its environmental friendliness and complete rejection of aggressive chemicals. In our production process we use only purified potable water, which allows us to preserve the natural synergy of dihydroquercetin and arabinogalactan.

Existing technologies for processing Siberian larch involve the use of such chemicals as polyamide sorbent, acetone, trifluoroacetic acid, methyl and ethyl alcohol and the extraction of dry fractions of dihydroquercetin and arabinogalactan..
Green focus
Logging causes formation of biological waste. One of the most significant among them are the stumps of trees. The stumps and bark remaining at the logging site become a source of mold fungi and insect pests.

Traditional stump incineration technology lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and contribute to global climate warming.

The technology implemented by our company for processing the stumps of larch makes it possible to increase the overall environmental friendliness of the logging complex, avoid losses of valuable biological raw materials and protect our world from the threat of an environmental catastrophe.